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The different sound of Reelworld Europe
  • I must say I am not a big fan of the USA packages of Reelworld. They scream and lack emotionality to my taste, whilst radio with emotion and a human sound is what we need these days.

    But the Manchester based team of Reelworld Europe did a few packages that really sound different. They 'scream' less, have interesting arrangements and orchestration and don't sound all the same. Here are links to a package for Norways most listened to station NRK P1 and to the pop rock outlet in this country, Radio Norge. What do you guys think?

  • mbmb August 26
    Nice to hear some variation - I really like some of the earlier Reelworld packages WMAL, WLOL, Windy 100, The most recent and stuff not so much to be honest but they are very well produced and sound sharp on air.
    As always i sometimes think the jingle companies are limited by the imagination of the clients.
  • I agree MB. Management decides these days, they are not into creativity and giving space to talent. They want to control. But we radio makers and creative people should try to demand that space back whenever we can, don't you agree?

    In The Netherlands more and more creatives are about to start new stations where there is no management. To make radio that is honest, emotional, fun. They might start using great jingles again too!