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Jingles from stations that JMW mentions on Rewound Radio "Jingle Time" - an occasional series...
  • As mentioned on the JMW on Rewound thread today,
    WHO Des Moines did indeed have "more jingles"...these from my "early days of jingle collecting direct from stations":-

    Warning! This Roy Ross package is very "Marmite" - love 'em or hate 'em - unlikely to be any middle ground!

  • jonnojonno August 22
    Not my cup of tea... but to my ear - very much sounding 'of the time'.
    I was expecting something far less listenable/tuneful based on the way you described them before I actually played them.
  • tcarmantcarman August 24
    Both WABC New York and WDRC Hartford used these Roy Ross jingles (you can google 'em if you want to hear 'em).
  • ntcarver0ntcarver0 August 27
    From earlier discriptions I thought they'd be some sort of ear torture, but I actually like these. Sure, they sound dated, but they've got a sort of charm to them IMO. Does anyone know when they were produced or purchased?
  • tcarmantcarman August 28
    ntcarver0 said:

    Does anyone know when they were produced or purchased?

    WDRC purchased theirs in 1961. Roy Ross died, I believe, in 1968.

  • We'll get through this yet...
    Grit your teeth and listen to the CKEY Toronto version (which actually is lyrically better).

    {After these, CKEY moved from 580 kHz to 590 kHz - and to PAMS 17/22/etc}

    PS - just one more to go............
  • Nearly there...just like a "scale and polish" at the dentists...
    WRVA Richmond Virginia version...

    There now, its all over, just rinse out and thats it. :^)

    All joking aside, a package a wee bit ahead of its time in terms acapella endings and individual acapellas.
    Other than that - indeed "a package of its time".

    And now, back to 21st century buzz-saw synths and screaming fold-back digital reverb....