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Piccadilly CCS Collective Consciousness Society Jingles
  • mbmb July 26
    In a short twitter thread on Summer Jingles these were posted:

    It says they are from the second or third set of Jingles but did CCS just do the first set? Or are these from them too?
    Someone has asked if this is Jimmy Helms but Peter Thorup did vocals for CCS

    So many questions - I just have it my collections as Piccadilly 2 - CCS but could be wrong on both counts.
    Does anyone know more about the Piccadilly Radio early years jingles - how many packages and from Whom - I know they got some JAM cuts through Steve england and then in 79 Alfasound / tapetrix did a package but what is the 74 - 79 story!
  • mbmb July 26
    Steve Penk replied to the tread (He used to use them on his shows in the 80s)

    He confirms Jimmy Helms vocals.
    "They were of a time, but I loved playing these summer jingles on my show - ‘Magic Music’"

  • The JAM of course was a freebie "sampler".

    I've a whole load of early Piccadilly stuff that someone sent me a wee while back, and I believe
    they are all CCS.

    If it keeps on raining, I might be able to put a small sampler or OMM up if anyone wants to hear them?
    - although the cuts are "long"
  • I can part fill the story here...

    I was on Piccadilly in 1976 and there was a mish-mash of cuts from the packages on - the summer cuts were good... but most of the DJS preferred the 2 JAM acapellas - which were heavily adapted to make into more cuts.

    I used my 1974/5 PAMS namechecks from Metro including the one from PAMS Philly Story.

    Steve had his classic Dimension 2 cut...

    .. which he had to stop using as it was then sung (just the first 2 lines) as "Have A Nice Weekend with Us, on Radio 1"

    And 6 years ago I finally got my version, which Jon (kindly) remixed from the ground upwards...

    A technical note: the main studio had one good ITC 3 stack and an awful unreliable 5 stack (Spotmaster?) that often failed, or carts would start when someone turned on the studio lights!
  • nleibonleibo July 27
    <<carts would start when someone turned on the studio lights!>> Sounds like a "Three Stooges" clip, Len..:)
  • OK, next time one hears another near-identical rw-USA buzz-synth/over-folded-reverb screaming cut that
    sounds like every other cut they've done for 20 years now, just play this...


    { Yes, its dated, its "not today's radio", it was designed for the days of "padding-out" needletime,
    but By Gawd, it "SOUNDS BIG" !!! }
  • picklepickle July 31
    Thanks to Iain and mb for these wonderful posts. I've been searching for the full Piccadilly CCS packages (74/75/76 including summertime) for years! The Jimmy Helms vocals are just sublime. As a spotty teenager, I was a member of the IBA's advisory committee for Piccadilly in the late 70's and as such was given a personal tour of the station. The guy showing me around did a great job and I remember him showing me a carting area, popping in the final cut in mb's post into a machine and saying this was his favourite Piccadilly jingle. La la la la la etc. I hadn't heard it for nearly 40 years. I always wanted to work in radio but ended up as a trainee sound technician at Central TV in 1982. I'm still in TV all these years later but still have a great passion for radio.

    Are any of you guys able to help me out with these full packages in the clear and in high quality? I would be eternally grateful if you could. I've tried sending various messages via Soundcloud and other sites but to no avail. Thank so much, Mark Pickett.
  • picklepickle July 31
    I think this is from the same era, and possibly from the CCS 2 package. It's the only one I currently have unfortunately.
  • Mark, have PM'd you.
  • picklepickle July 31
    Thanks very much Iain.