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Old Jingles
  • glenglen July 23
    Just Curious
    Did WYUU have the Nothing But Class package like KYUU (and others) did?
  • Glen, many people on JM won't know where those stations were.

    Can you maybe fill in a wee bit of background please?
    I'm assuming both those stations were under common business ownership, but in
    different US cities?
  • glenglen July 23
    Nevermind. Somebody sent me message and was no.
    WYUU is/was located in Tampa Florida and is WRBQ sister station.
    It's now a hispanic station.

    I just thought since KYUU San Francisco did I just thought WYUU also had them.
    It's one one of thoughts a person has when you're bored.
  • glenglen July 23
    The answer was no is what meant to say in the first line.
    Dang hand tremors anyway.
    It sucks being disabled.
  • Further, did WYUU have TM's YOUR CUSTOM COMBINATIONS in the 1980s as did KYUU?