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Back where we started from.... PAMS (and JAM)!
  • In 1964 I was 15 years old, lived in London, and had just discovered American 'pop', courtesy of WONDERFUL RADIO LONDON ! It was also the first time I heard PAMS jingles....

    FIFTY FIVE years later.... after a career in radio, and the buyer of more jingles than I can ever calculate... I still get that SAME OLD FEELING from when I first heard those jingles...

    "Your hearing things.. Your hearing things.. ON .. Wonderful - Ra-di-o Lon-don... " bah bah bah bahhh

    .. only now we can STILL order these GEMS courtesy of Jon and his 'jingle palace'

    How many other things 'made' in 1964* can you still get?

    And just 10 years after '64 along came JAM.....

    So this is a new topic - with new re-sung jingles for GEM, but also with a few surprises as we also run Serenade Radio and other radio friends also wanted some Dallas magic...

    So the '64 PAMS cut now is re-born as....



    * PAMS Series 18 dates back to 1961

  • Davey_wDavey_w July 18
    You can never get enough of that Dallas magic! PAMS Series 18 is timeless isn't?
  • That re-sing works so well; Can't wait to hear the other surprises!
  • Love it Len. Excellent work.
  • Well.. 106 people have now played the Barry Jay cut.... so next...

    ... another PAMS !

    Series 22 cut 15, re-lyriced by our John Palin (who has a lot more custom jingles than even Tony B. or Cousin B.!)
  • ratnobratnob July 22
    All great resings. Shimmering.
  • Davey_wDavey_w July 23
    I love the cuts from 18 and 22 when they mix the vocal group with sonovox. They work really well - and yes this re-sing is spot on!