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KOIT (San Francisco) heritage sound by Thompson Creative
  • In the 90s KOIT San Francisco had a very strong personality by using unique cuts created by Thompson Creative. The instrumentation (with a lot of pace), mostly solo vocals (or duets) gave the impression of little songs. Together with the highly recognizable logo melody the station had a personality and emotionality you hardly find anymore these days.

    Here are all main cuts Larry Thompson and his team produced for the AC station:
  • Very classy!
    And much more than the old Thompson Creative demo.

    Historical Note:- in the late 60s/early 70s, KOIT was the then 93.3 FMer of Avco Radio's legendary KYA 1260.
    I still have a (crumbing) reel from them when KOIT was modern country by day (PAMS New Country) and MOR/good music
    by night with a PAMS acapella/moog custom (...or was it the other way around?)

    Not many "split programming" stations these days I'd warrant - only one I know is BBC Radio Scotland of all things!
  • Interesting Iain, thanks. Before the Thompson packages they promoted themselves as AM & FM.

    The cuts came mostly from Lite Touch, More Lite Touch and Bonnevilles Lite.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 July 18
    The name "Lite Touch" was used again not too long ago for a TM WLYF package - guess they forgot about this one (or hoped that most people wouldn't know/remember it).
  • You hardly find those demos anywhere these days. In The Netherlands at they only show Lite Touch.

    I once saw the name 'Legendary Lite' on Jinglenews (here: but the link is understandably dead.