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New PJAMS re-sings
  • Davey_wDavey_w July 12
    Hi All,

    Thought you'd like to take a listen to my latest cuts from The Dallas Jingle Palace. The first one done with the tongue firmly in the cheek! A few cuts inspired by Jon's Rewound Radio show too. Enjoy! I certainly do :-)
  • Definately need a "LIKE!" button on JM
  • These are awesome.
  • Delicious :)
  • Good work, where do you use them Davey?
  • Davey_wDavey_w July 12

    Good work, where do you use them Davey?

    Well my current internet home is Coast 1079 and I'm live on the air Sundays between 6 and 9pm BST. And yes I do clash with Jon's show on Rewound - just my luck!! But I get to listen to the last 2 hours of his show, then I catch up with the first hour a few days later thanks to the link that's posted on this forum!
  • GREAT work Dave and JAM !