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Pro-Pak 1000 Released
  • In the 1990s Ken R's Pro-Pak and Power-Pellas CDs set the standard for generic jingles and production aids for oldies and classic hits radio stations.
    Unfortunately, those discs are no longer on the market. What's a small market or Internet-based station to do if it wants to add professionally-recorded formatic elements for that major market sound -- when there's just no budget?

    Introducing Pro-Pak 1000 -- over ONE THOUSAND generic jingles, acapellas, shouts, Sonovox lines, voiceovers and short musical pieces, guaranteed to add production value to your stream or over-the-air presentation. Most of Pro-Pak 1000 is geared for oldies and classic hits stations. But there are plenty of professional jingles and shouts for country, adult contemporary, hit radio and other formats as well.

    Demos and more info here:

    Pro-Pak 1000 was produced from the archives of, and with the cooperation of Ken R. Deutsch. Unlike the original Pro-Pak CDs, no PAMS material is included.

  • Love it! I already purchased a copy, great stuff! Can't beat the price either!
  • nleibonleibo July 10
    .. :)
  • JohnLJohnL July 10
    With a wide variety of useful jingle helper parts, no one format or user is likely to need most of what is in the package. Pro Pak 1000 includes enough items I could incorporate into my production, to justify the purchase. Regardless, whenever any generic goodies are offered at a proper price, I tend to buy... and I did.
  • Love it! I already purchased a copy, great stuff! Can't beat the price either!

    For sure! I'm in for it, too!