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Looking for any versions of SYNERGY not on this list
  • RickWRickW July 1
  • Are you looking for "pure" packages or ones that are part of composites?

    PS - have you asked TC at MPF first?

    PPS - nice to see some familiar US call-letters of tapes I got from stations long ago -
    e.g. WGOW Chatanooga, WOW Ohama, once big PAMS client KIOA Des Moines :^)
  • RickWRickW July 1
  • RickW said:

    Iain this is hardly my first rodeo. I am well aware who I can contact.

    Christ...That told you Iain! :-))
  • >>> PS - have you asked TC at MPF first?

    Don't worry, Iain. I wouldn't respond to him directly anyway.
  • No problem.

    BUT - are there extant dubs of Synergy in any form on or from THIS side of the Pond?
    i.e. that might have been done for non-English-language European stations by sub-contractor
    studios e.g. the likes of Top Format and so on?

    I've certainly heard TM product on French and Italian stations in the past.

    Edit:- Rick "tidied up" his post, so I've done likewise