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Looking For Jingle Package with "There's A Whole Lot Of Sunday Goin On"
  • ronfilronfil May 20
    Anyone know the name of the package where the cut in the subject came from? I'm guessing it's from the early 1970's. Thanks
  • It was from circa 1969. Custom from Chuck Blore. It ran on WCBS FM.
  • Indeed, Chuck Blore.
    I've a copy here somewhere on CD, from another JMer several years ago, with several other Blore items.

    Want a copy, or can I refer you to the collector that sent me them?
  • nleibonleibo May 20
    Glad I check these posts, because I'd long forgotten about that package--any chance I can get a copy, Iain?
  • While I was doing my best to try to dig up a copy of those old jingles (sad to report, I couldn't locate them, I believe they got trashed years ago when a bunch of hard drives I had archived such treasures on got removed from my place by a jealous ex looking to cash in on anything they could get their hands on) but I digress, the thing I learned about Chuck Blore I found interesting & did know until I started researching him on line, was he apparently was heavily into producing local station promotions as well. I never realized until recently, there was a rivalry between (of all people!) Stand Freeberg & Chuck Blore! As this article I discovered from describes:
    Stan Freberg Hated Him!

    There's also this page from Jingle (a site often referenced here on Ronfil, which you can check out that features some vintage packages from Chuck Blore

    And I found this amusing account as told by Chuck Blore (Himself!) regarding the infamous "Altar Boy Scandal" at KFWB :)
  • Never knew that Chuck Blore was involved with the original KIIS Los Angeles project (I mooched a 7.5 IPS tape
    from them away back in 1972 of those excellent PAMS custom MOR jingles, now fortunately on my CD from KenR).

    I've found my CD of the various Blore packages. Don't know as yet to what extent different to the JingleSamplers audio.

    Possibly CD was from Tom O'Brien but apologies if incorrect, any error is purely on my part.

    Will get files setup on dropbox as time permits.
  • nleibonleibo May 21
    Iain: has the following Blore packages:(
    1) Blore KMAK Custom (Country)
    2) Blore WCAR Custom Demo
    3) Blore WCFL A
    4) Blore WCFL B (A "cornucopia" of crap)--never have i heard the phrase "Hip Hip Hooray" repeated as much (about 8 times) in a jingle
    5) Blore WPIX Olde Gold (Absolutely terrible)
    Nowhere on ANY of these packages is there a mention of "Whole Lot of Sunday Goin' On"..:(

  • "Nowhere on ANY of these packages is there a mention of "Whole Lot of Sunday Goin' On"

    'cos its the WCBS-FM ones - and I still have a (disintegrating stereo reel from circa 1971 direct from the station
    with one on it as well as other bits & pieces).

    Dropbox upload following later, but here's the cut in question (there's one for each day of the week),
    and the "softer" days jingle as confirmation.

    Note:- sadly the CD version here is all-mono :^{
    but has WCBS-FM NY, KRLA Los Angeles, several WCFL Chicago, and a "1968 Chuck Blore CBS Presentation".

    May have some WCAR Detroit lurking on a disk somewhere.
  • nleibonleibo May 21
    Cool--Thanks, Iain
  • Hey Ian,
    Thanks for posting that Sunday jingle. It was (in my opinion) a very nice sounding & well done jingle, I only ever heard them many years ago while visiting a friend
    who apparently managed to obtain a copy (was one of those hippy-type dudes who thought they were wicked-trippy sounding) -
    As part of that package (perhaps you can confirm?) I seem to recall another jingle which went something to the effect of:
    "This ain't the only station in town, there are other's around - (But we ain't them) So - So - New York Don't Settle For Anything Less, 'cause CBS give great FM"

    for others who may know, was that a Chuck Blore jingle as well? I wished I were old enough to have heard those on the air at the time, but they predated me at
    that point of my existence, still - while I'd really enjoying hearing those jingles for what they're worth, I'd even more enjoy hearing any airchecks while they were
    in use at the time.
  • Radioboy et al, yes that was part of the 1969 Blore custom for WCBS fm. This was done after the station ditched it "Young Sound" format in favor of a more eclectic free form style, ala the late WOR-fm, which was Drake by this time. The"Young Sound" was actually quite good. No jingles but they ran a piece created by Tony Hatch, called "Music". That was the top of hour ID, if you will. "Music" can be found on You Tube. Great piece of music.
    "There's a whole lot of ---- going on" was done for various days of the week, it should be noted.

  • Could someone please try this link to a shared folder I've setup on Dropbox, and let me know if its
    allowing access/download Ok - 8 files present. TQs.

    "WOR-FM" - the whopping big CRC "Sound Is"package? Yes, big band stuff, but a HUGE rock-y sound.

    PS - the Nice Thing" day jingles were at one time used in edited form ("accidently" I'm sure) on BBC Radio One.
  • Seems to work fine. Thanx for posting these goodies from Chuck Blore.
  • Happy to help, Joe :^)

    I'll bet that there will be better quality dubs (in stereo...) up in an attic, garage, or basement...somewhere...
  • These are **AMAZING** Lain !
    Thanks so much for sharing, Wow! brings back lots of memories from the time I first heard these wayyyyyyyy back ions ago.
    I Really Appreciate & Thank You so very much for sharing! I've never heard the CBS-Presentation before, so that was especially
    a treat :)

  • PKPK May 21
    I’ve never heard these Chuck Blore jingles before but I had heard the “Whole Lot Of Sunday” bit before.

    Was it ever used somewhere on one of the original ILR stations? Victory? As either from the original jingle or the melody borrowed and used in an early ILR British sung pack?
  • indicated, chopped-up ones were on the Beeb in the early 70s - I think it possibly by Noel Edmonds?
    Very naughty of course for ANY BBC station or presenter (or ANY "licensed" broadcast station) to use "bootleg" material
    ..still happens of course...

    Couldn't find the WCAR Detroit Blore cuts here ...but they WILL still be "out there"...

    Quick "spell-check" gents...its Iain eye-ay-eye-enn... :^)
  • PKPK May 21
    Ahh thank you Iain, that makes sense now. Until now i’d always thought it had been taken from a song or record.
  • Worth noting the difference in production "integrity" back in that era - yes, a lot of it a bit "twee" in today's
    terms, but the levels of writing, musicianship/vocals, production, and just sheer imagination, compared
    with the dullness of many "contemporary" jingles that lack "craftmanship" and are basically just a few seconds
    of jazzy "noise".

    To be fair though, with so many and varied formats back then, much more "exploration" in the sound of stations
    and their identifcation was possible - some things "worked" some things didn't, but least not as much "blandness"
    as perhaps nowadays.

    Perhaps for collectors (as above) for whom some of these "classic" not-so-obvious-as PAMS-Numbered-series
    packages and customs could be something to be explored on JM, as they are all part of how the "radio ID jingle"
    has evolved since the "big band" station songs of the late 1950s.
  • ronfilronfil May 22
    Thanks for posting them Iain! I heard Jon Wolfert play a montage of "Sunday" cuts two weeks ago (5/5) on his Rewound Radio show. That's what triggered the question. I have a horrible copy on a cassette (a what?) somewhere. Great to hear the package via dropbox. Thanks again!!!
  • nleibonleibo May 23
    Do you happen to know where (in the 5/5 show--"time point") that Jon played the "Sunday" montage ?
  • "Do you happen to know where..."

    Download it, throw it into an audio editor, and chop it up - thats how I heard the montage the other day :^)
  • nleibonleibo May 23
    That's what i did--- FYI: It was within the first half hour..
  • "That's what i did"

    Must admit - and no offence intended to Jon - I can't make the time to lineraly listen through all of even the edited-down versions,
    so putting the concatenated versions provided by JMers into an audio editor lets me easily hop & skip to bits that I find the most
    interesting - of which there are plenty! And keep bits I want to keep :^)