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Unknown Thompson Creative CD
  • Hello jingle fans!

    from time to time I'm looking for demo cds to expand my collection. A lot of them I got from other collectors. Thank you very much for that. Now I'm after some information about a bunch of Thompson Creative Demo cds I don't have.

    In 2015 I found a CD, think it's called "Mix 1"? to Downloaded as one track file from, but the quality is very poor. The website doesn't exist anymore and contacting the websites owner to get a better file did not bring any result.

    I suppose the cd is from 1990 or '91 because some of the demos are longer or have another ending as on follow up cds and other demos are shorter as on older releases.

    Here is a link to the file.
    Is there any chance to get it in better quality?

    Tracklist as found out by listening the file
    Duration: 53:55
    Demos are not with spoken track numbers as heard firstly on 1992 cd "The New Sound From Dallas"

    01. Introduction (Not on any other cd)
    02. Houston Mix 1 (first release on this cd)
    03. California Country (first release on this cd)
    04. Star Power (1992 Demo, the 1990 Demo is Power 99)
    05. Good Time Oldies (first release on this cd, a slightly difference in the intro to track 12 on the 1992 cd)
    06. Dallas Mix (first release on this cd, intro is longer than Track 13 on 1992 CD, program director speaks)
    07. Fresh Jams (It's the demo from 1990 CD Track 6, included is a weather jingle, thatswhy the ending is longer.)
    08. South Florida's WRMF (first release on this cd)
    09. The Edge (1992 Demo)
    10. The Poenix Variety (first release, Track could be named "Variety" on this cd)
    11. Double Barrels (1990 Demo)
    12. 94Q (1992 Demo)
    13. Seattle-Portland (1992 Demo)
    14. Pure Magic (1992 Demo Magic 105 & Sunny 101.5)
    15. Ultra Power (1990 Demo)
    16. Scorchers (1990 Demo without the great intro from 1989)
    17. TechnoConnectors (1990 Demo)

    Than I have another 2 Thompson Creative Demo cds in mp3-files from the owner of the website But these are not with track numbers.

    Here is the list.

    Country Jingles 1993

    - Albany's Hot New Country
    - California Country
    - Favorite Country
    - Holiday Jingles
    - Orlando's Hottest Country
    - Promo Pack
    - The Country Edge
    - The KNAX Combo
    - UltraHot Country

    Country Jingles 1998

    - California Country
    - Classic Country
    - Cleveland's Country
    - Cool Country
    - Country Wildfire
    - Double Image
    - Fort Wayne's Hottest Country
    - Hot n Cool
    - KZLA Country
    - New Country K102
    - Nobody Plays More Country
    - Orlando II
    - Orlando III
    - Orlando's Hottest Country
    - San Antonio's Hot New Country
    - The Country Edge
    - The K102 Sequel
    - The River
    - Ultra Hot Country

    Does someone have a tracklist for these both please?

    Yesterday I found a promo or cd-intro on youtube that I don't have.

    Any chance to find out more of this file?

    I can swap with some german demos from Simrek Jingles & Commercials, for example the TM Full Force Demo for RT1 Augsburg if you want. But it's a tape recording and the quality is unfortunately not the best. And who has recorded this, he turned up the volume knop during the recording.

    Kind regards