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Tom Merriman video
  • scotronscotron April 27
    Found this on the internet. Some friends on here.
  • TC also posted the back story behind this

    If you have not seen this it’s well worth a look
  • tcarmantcarman April 28

    TC also posted the back story behind this

    It's hard to believe that this was done 11 years ago and Tom's been gone ten. It was just coincidence that I was in the studio when they'd finished singing syndicated jingles for stations and started on this. I wish I was around for the rest of the overdubs but I had a meeting elsewhere in the building and had to leave.

    For those of you who have never sat in on a session before, this will give you a pretty raw and accurate view of it as they start looking at the music to when they've laid down the final three vocal stacks.

    The singers who led the way are mostly gone... Jean Oliver, Judy Parma, Jackie Dickson, Libba Weeks, Dan Alexander, Chris Kershaw, Jodie Lyons, Clark Womack Billy Ainsworth and many many more. I'm thankful to have been friends with many of the singers and the producers and even more grateful to have many of their personal archives in-house. Now if I just had a lot more time to spend restoring them and transferring into the digital domain it'd be perfect. Maybe someday...!

  • Sometimes, e.g. with JAM, it can be possible to "negotiate" for an audio recording of one's Personal Cut "session"
    from the "studio end" (i.e. sans talk back etc) for an appropriate fee.

    And indeed, from the "raw" rough 1st practice through to the finished stacking its fascinating to hear just how
    it all works; especially since the singers do EVERY client's work from sight reading and haven't "studied" the
    items for days beforehand as I think Len one said about the early days of UK jingle production when the session
    singers "available" didn't know the principles of jingle singing.

    I believe that some Collectors sometimes have had their "session tape" requested with EVERY order ?
    I'm fortunate to at least have one :^)
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 28
    thanks for sharing ... that made my Sunday !
  • ntcarver0ntcarver0 April 28
    This made my Sunday. Fantastic tribute to Tom Merriman, and really cool to hear how the sessions work.

    Just a question. Who all is in the behind-the-scenes video? I don't know the voices from just listening, and because I'm blind as a bat I can't see the video so if someone knows who's in it I'd appreciate the description.


  • tcarmantcarman April 29
    ntcarver0 said:

    Who all is in the behind-the-scenes video?


    The session was led by Greg Clancy, son of Jim Clancy... retired long time bass singer back in the day. Greg, who wrote the vocal charts, is also currently the President of TM. Other voices include Steve Hass and Jeff Oxley. Jeff currently does a lot of the bass vocals around the town. The women in the group are Kay Sharpe and Abby Holmes. Both have been singing on Dallas sessions back into the seventies. Kay recently retired, but pops up here and there on sessions when in town and available. The session was engineered by Dave Giangiulio.

  • tcarmantcarman April 29
    For grins, check out this video of the TM singers + more on "The Dinah & Friends Show" circa 1980. Jim Kirk, Kay Sharpe (née Henrikson) and Jim's niece Katie Beauchamp are the featured vocalists.

  • RadioboyRadioboy April 29
    Tracy, thanks for sharing the above video, never saw that one before, so it prompted me to dig around some
    & I came up with another perspective on this song, and what inspired Jim Kirk to write it

    Jim Kirk's "Voice of Freedom", featured on PM Magazine in 1980.

    Today, Kirk is the Owner and CEO of Corporate Magic.

    Corporate Magic, Inc.
    Original Demo:

    And of interest perhaps to some, other notable quirky-Kirky songs include:

    Jim Kirk - City Rhythm (80's funk released on Mcdonald's Records)

    Rhythm Of Charlotte by Jim Kirk

    WCSC Radio: Carolina Lady by Jim Kirk (TM Productions)

    and of course, Jim is credited with writing this classic:

  • tcarman said:

    For grins, check out this video of the TM singers + more on "The Dinah & Friends Show" circa 1980.

    Slightly (but not entirely) off topic, that saccharine celebration of America contrasts nicely with a favourite TV opening sequence - from Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom'. There's no jingles of course. It's dark and hard-bitten.

    But I only started watching the show on the recommendation of ... Mr Jon Wolfert, who's a big fan of Sorkin's writing: