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  • glenglen April 24
    New York City Reunion Planned To Say Farewell To WPLJ
    April 15, 2019 at 8:42 AM (PT)
    Share Some Memories

    After almost five decades as a personality driven contemporary pop/rock music station, WPLJ/NEW YORK will be no longer as it transitions to K-LOVE, a Christian music station, later this SPRING.

    “Like many of my colleagues, I had a lump in my throat the size of YONKERS when I heard that WPLJ, as we know it, would be disappearing,” said VP/Programming at WPLJ from 1990-2009 TOM CUDDY and currently the PD of iHeart Talk WOR-A/NEW YORK.

    “Having had the privilege to work at WPLJ for 19 years, I felt compelled to bring together the talented people who make-up the station’s history, both on-air and behind the scenes, past and present,” said CUDDY. “So I’m putting together a reunion where we’ll lift a glass and share some fun stories among all of the gifted staffers who made ‘PLJ tick.”

    The reunion will be held on TUESDAY, MAY 21st, 6-9p, at THE CUTTING ROOM, 44 East 32nd St, NYC.

    To secure an invitation, CUDDY asks anyone who has worked at ‘PLJ over the past 48 years to send him an e-mail at and to pass on details to any ‘PLJ colleagues they are still in touch with.
  • ratnobratnob April 24
    Of related interest ....

    I happened to be in New York on the Sunday evening when WPLJ Program Director, Larry Berger, faced listeners of the classic rock station to explain why they were now hearing Michael Jackson songs.

    Within weeks they were sounding like a mainstream CHR station out to take on WHTZ.

    This was the summer of 1983.

    It’s a recording that is boring but important, and I’ve ended it with a WPLJ JAM montage that someone else put together (and I have forgotten who - sorry).

    It’s a bit of audio history about how stations change.


    Here's the audio:

    (Originally posted on the Bob Dinan jingle site - but the audio no longer works
  • The last day is officially the 31st of May.
  • They've been using retro TM cuts for a while, but I also just heard a JAM Breakthrough cut at the end of a promo. I'll definitely enjoy this while it lasts!