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Looking for PAMS Philadelphia Story done for any Canadian radio station
  • RickWRickW April 1
    Never heard PAMS Philadelphia Story for a Canadian radio station. Does anybody have one?
  • Probably because the "three-and-three syllable" logo was not really any use to 4-syllable
    call letter stations? Can't even think of any USA-K stations with it either?
    (Unless in a composite perhaps).

    The similarly-constructed TM equivalent on the WMAQ Chicago custom of about the same time worked "better"
    e.g. CJAD as "Ra-di-o Mon-tre-al".
  • RickWRickW April 2
    FYI, I have Philadelphia Story for seven or eight "K" stations, one "A" station and one "X" station, but still need it for a "C" station.