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Proof that jingles work (not that we need convincing)
  • jonnojonno March 28
    In class today during an art lesson I had some background music playing quietly while the children were working (year 4..... 8 and 9 year olds) . Then one of the boys suddenly piped up and sang a BBC Radio 2 jingle to be met with another belting out a Wave 105 jingle, followed by another singing "this is The Breeze" I let this carry on for a little while, savouring the moment before I joked that now I knew what their parents liked to listen to. Inwardly I was thinking.... If only they knew their teacher's crazy interest in those little musical wonders :)

  • Bit like the wee lad I heard burst out into a Radio 2 jingle a few years ago in the middle of BHS!
    (...remember them....)

    "Inwardly I was thinking.... If only they knew their teacher's crazy interest in those little musical wonders"

    Jonno, if it worked for ratnob in his school............?
    You KNOW what to do!
  • jonnojonno March 28
    Ah but Mr B. was a cool head teacher. I'd probably just come across as some nerdy anorak. All this talk of school reminds me, must do my powepoint slides tonight for tomorrow's whole school assembly. (and no I won't be talking about the virtues of sung radio identification jingles :) )
  • ratnobratnob March 29
    Interesting stuff.

    I used to (naturally) programme all the music that was played in the school's two canteens. Sixth Form students used to tell me how much they enjoyed the jingles over the music choice.

    I would also give staff CD mixes at the end of term, and my debating teams had my cheesy megamixes inflicted on them every time we drove to a competition.

    Since then, many senior politicians and officials say they enjoy my Christmas and summer mixes - especially the jingles. And I can tell they are genuinely listening to them because they call me Geoffy B.

    But what bigger plaudit than the staff paying to have a farewell song made for me by JAM back in 2017?:

    Yep. It's proof that jingles work.

  • Young lad doing the Mcasso travel bed in Burger King last week.
  • ratnob said:

    The file is a wav file, not an mp3.
    So if anyone has trouble playing this file, simply change to mp3 extension to wav.