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CKGM Montreal
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax March 28
    Hi jingles experts, does someone is able to tell me what are the lyrics of this old CKGM cut ? only the first part, I'm french and I don't understand the part before "i'ts great to be in Montréal"

    Thanks a lot and also let me know if you know the package it came from and if there is other version, etc,

    Have a nice day,


  • Mmmm not easy but I hear:

    'Jacques Cartier from the Top of Mount Royle with his last breath it's state' ?
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax March 29
    ahhhh yes ! it makes sense
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax March 29
    thanks a lot, the singer sings "it's great to be in Montréal" with the Montréal with the french canadian accent, it's perfect, I wonder why the other parts are so hard to understand, and it's Mont-Royal, I never heard Mount Royle, here it's like a mix of english and french, the subway is called the Metro, things are not bilingual and do not have an english equivalent, it's la "Régie de l'assurrance maladie du Québec" and "La société de l'assurrance automobile du Québec" and it's like that on english radios like CKGM, but thanks for the clue for Jacques Cartier, it makes sense :)

  • SkyTraxSkyTrax March 29
    I just listened to the jingle again several times and I think you're right... Jacques Cartier form the top of Mount Royle....
  • Jacques Cartier / Mount Royal:

    "The first European to scale the mountain was Jacques Cartier, guided there in 1535 by the people of the village of Hochelaga. He named it in honour of his patron, Francis I of France. He wrote in his journal: "And among these fields is situated and seated the said town of Hochelaga, near to and adjoining a mountain… We named this mountain Mount Royal."

    ...with his last breath it's state' ?

    I hear that also. And if that is correct, what on earth does it mean as it makes no sense at all.
  • I've still got ancient station-recorded reel-to-reel jingle dubs from CJAD and French-language CKAC :^)
  • Mmmm not easy but I hear:

    'Jacques Cartier from the Top of Mount Royle with his last breath it's state' ?

    You're very close. It's:

    Jacques Cartier from the top of Mount Royal, with his last breath did state,
    "Oh it's great to be in Montreal with Great 98"
    Yes it's great to be in Montreal with CKGM.

    Other locally-appropriate versions include:

    Paul Revere put his horse in high gear and spread the word near and far
    "Oh I'd rather be in Boston, with WROR"
    Yes, he'd rather be in Boston with WROR.

    And the original:

    Buffalo Bill from the top of the hill, in his last breath did sigh
    "Oh I'd rather be in Denver with Denver 95"
    Yes he'd rather be in Denver with Kim 95.

  • glenglen March 30
    Thanks Jon.
  • Thanks Jon - so good to see you back here. We've missed your definitive insight !
  • jonnojonno March 30

    Thanks Jon - so good to see you back here. We've missed your definitive insight !

    Hear hear
  • glenglen March 30
    We have a show for the morning commute
    Listening to traffic; to find the right route
    And later at work,;making numbers compute
    You've the best of the bay;the best of the bay'
  • Welcome back, Jon :^)

  • SkyTraxSkyTrax April 1
    Ahhhhhh, you don't know how I'm happy that you responded to me about that, and at the same time you can't imagine how i'm sad that everyone's is laughing at me because I've been interested in that :( It seems like i'm the only one here that have an interest in jingles, I talked to a producer that I know he has copies of masters from JAM from stations in Quebec from the morning show "Le Zoo" and for him it's like something that didn't exist anymore, but he has all stuff, if someone wants to contact him and convince him to make some copies I can tell him who he his, I've had posted a short montage of thoses jingles several years ago, I can give you another link for you to listen, all "jingles freak" thanks again :)))


  • SkyTraxSkyTrax April 1
    I just saw IainJohnston, you have jingles from CKAC ? I'm really interested if you want to share some, mostly the ones that sang "CKAC, la super station de Montréal", and the regional version "CJMT, la super station du Saguenay", and so on for like 10 stations, it was in the end of the 80's, begininng of the 90's, I've found NAB carts in a box that I don't know what to do with. Eventually I will find a reel to reel tape machine and convert to digital all this stuff.


  • I don't think anyone here is laughing at you SkyTrax. A perfectly normal request on this site is to understand old jingle lyrics, and now you have your answer.
  • Francois, loving those Sono cuts- thanks for posting! You're in good company here.

    Welcome back Jon, you've been missed.
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax April 3
    Hi, and thanks to all of you.. And there is hope, the Quebec producer that was reticent at first to share something with me just replied this morning, he will check what can we do, and in the meantime I just digitized an other part of the many cassettes that has been produced in the mid 80's... lots of hiss in the background but not that bad for a 1986's cassette.