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More of UK radio becomes less than ever before...
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 5
    Not jingles directly, but there will be even less in future for UK collectors/fans to be interested in, as Germany's Bauer
    buys up BOTH the long-holding-out Lincs FM Group and also more recent Celador Radio Group..

    Details over at sister website Radio Today.

    UK "independent local radio" was never intended to become this level of deep "consolidation."
  • mbmb February 5
    At least it will be cheap and easy to roll out that bland FM imaging to another XXXXX stations
  • IanFIanF February 8
    Wireless Group stations now bought out.....
  • scotronscotron February 8
    It will soon be just one big national radio service. Bring back local radio.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 8
    Only just caught this story. Bad enough Celador and Lincs, but I didn't see this one coming just a couple of days later.

    To think that once upon a time a small Glasgow "community" station got in deep merde from Ofcom for its
    owners selling it to someone else without Ofcom "approval", yet a foreign magazine group can buy up FIFTY_EIGHT
    "ILR" commercial stations in one week, and "that's OK then" !!!

    I suspect Original in Aberdeen might be in the next sweep of miscellaneous "filler" stations for Bauer, and UKRD targeted
    as the next group for Global (which may prove "interesting" for a certain "gentleman" domiciled in the Channel Islands;^[ )