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Wave 105 Jingles
  • HLC_KillerHLC_Killer February 3
    Does anyone know who crafted the current Wave 105 ID package. The latest package I can find online is 4Music from 2013 but these aren't the ones on air at the moment? There also seems to be a couple of JAM sounding cuts at 2pm on weekdays too (The Golden Hour)...
  • The Golden Hour cuts are from TM..... Cue Rick Jones :)
  • HLC_KillerHLC_Killer February 3
    Makes sense now, thank you! Does anyone know who has done the main package?
  • radio_blokeradio_bloke February 7
    Music4 have been responsible for Wave105 jingles for 20 years.
    For reasons stated elsewhere, Sandy is out of the picture and Dave Bethell had taken on the creative.
    A little bird told me that Dave has now joined TM.
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey February 7

    A little bird told me that Dave has now joined TM.


  • jonnojonno February 7
    My favourite by Dave has to be Full Service News/Sport/etc. on the Beds & Beats NewsBytes album.