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iHeart60s PAMS Jingle Montage
  • gameswizardgameswizard February 3
    A short montage of iHeart60s PAMS jingles from 1st February 2019. Approx. 5 hours condensed into 5m18s via the iHeartsRadio stream.
  • nleibonleibo February 3
    It sounds like they're using just 2 or 3 PAMS jingles (and with NO creativity "lyric-wise")--what a waste of PAMS Jingles..
  • PKPK February 3
    Shame they have to edit and chop the end of the Series 27 Jet Set jingle.
  • nleibonleibo February 3
    of course they had to--there were no additional lyrics to "IHeart 60's on IHeart Radio"...:)
  • mjb1124mjb1124 February 4
    They do have a shout of "'60s Hits!" on the full version of that Jet Set cut.

    It is only three main cuts as far as I can tell, and definitely not the liveliest or most creative usage of PAMS jingles, but I think they still get the job done well enough. Better than no jingles or out-of-place ones to be sure. Of course they're going to come off as super repetitive when put together like this. Like the usage of the artist acapellas too, and overall I can't complain too much about JAM/PAMS getting business from a big company like iHeart nowadays.

    But it does make me miss the fantastic and well-used jingles on pre-merger XM '60s on 6. That station seemed to have even less jingle variety and creativity than iHeart60s the last time I heard it. Though on the plus side, they have some great (and sometimes live) DJs like Pat St. John.
  • tcarmantcarman February 7
    Pretty much the same cuts and "elements" (I'm being kind) as used on the 50's channel. The only additional custom sung PAMS cut I heard here, not included on the 50's channel, is Series 33A/B, Cut #16 "Fun In The Middle" with the front moog cut-off.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 February 7
    Yes, these three cuts were done primarily for the '60s channel, and they decided to edit them further for the '50s one. Seems like the '80s channel is the only one they got a good sized package for, though the '70s has a few more than this.