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Steve & The Posse
  • ah-mediaah-media January 31
    Howdy folks ...

    There is an off-air jingle that I have from Radio 1 c 1990/1991 which is a music bed followed by a sung "Steve and the Posse, on Radio 1 FM".

    It's 99.99% certainty that it's AJ Productions - but I've never come across a clean version of this. I have sent a message to Anthony but he wasn't familiar with it.

  • m_hodgeym_hodgey January 31
    The cut at 1:29 is the only one I can think of that has the lyric "Steve and the Posse":
  • star+tetleystar tetley January 31
    It was definitely 'Steve and the Posse on Radio 1 FM' with a version sung by the posse.