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iHeart70s JAM Jingle Montage
  • gameswizardgameswizard January 31
    A montage of iHeart70s JAM jingles from some random hours yesterday via the iHeartsRadio stream.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 31
    Thanks for posting that GW :^)

    Can you imagine of "today's UK radio" used "year sings" as extensively as that?
    Listeners would soon rumble that so much of what is played as "current" or "re-current"
    is actually "stale" !
  • rakrak January 31
    Nice to hear some '70s JAM jingles, but you'd think iHeartMedia would be able to afford a better Playout system? A quarter of a billion listeners to their stations
  • petewilsonpetewilson January 31
    Thanks for posting that montage......Any chance of a 50's and 60's sometime......All great Jingles but spoilt by automation (No "Live" DJ's?)
    Tony Blackburn would have a field day on a station like this! ;-)
  • gameswizardgameswizard January 31

    Any chance of a 50's and 60's sometime......All great Jingles but spoilt by automation (No "Live" DJ's?)

    Correct - there are no live DJs. I'll see about the 50s & 60s shortly...

    In the meantime, I should have a 90s montage sometime tomorrow.
    At the weekend, a Christmas montage. I have over 12 hours of audio for the Christmas one already. I just need time to edit that - that could be a beast of a montage.
  • ratnobratnob January 31
    Thanks so much, GW. The jingles sound as fresh as ever, and I love the music - my era. But some of those gaps between jingle and song are dire - eg into Chicago around 0:33. But really enjoyed listening.
  • Really enjoyed both the iHeart80s and iHeart70s jingle montages. Would be interesting to see what jingles are being used for the iHeart90s channel as well.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 February 1
    Last I heard, they had some cuts from Z World.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 February 2
    Nice to hear this montage. Another small batch of main cuts here, but they do make some creative usage of mixouts. The spoken liners sound rather lifeless though, just like on the '60s, '90s, and Christmas channels.