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  • mb January 22
Wave FM Dundee /Perth
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 22
    Audio Sweets with some new jingles for Wave FM (once upon a time JAM client Discovery 102),
    recently bought out by Dundee publisher DC Thomson of Beano/Dandy fame from the Findlay

    Quite "fresh" musically, no doubt in 20 different-length versions per cut!

    Bigger JAM Personal Cut orders from JMers sometimes!

    But I do wish jingle producers would actually do something "more creative" than sing
    just slogan/name nowadays. Even "frequency cuts", especially on a dual location station
    where the two locations don't quite "get on with each other"!!!
  • mbmb January 22
    I guess it comes down to the cost of having custom cuts - with less and less "packages" available now because of the subscription services and consolidation of owners / stations there is less choice for a pick'n'mix as you saw in the 90's where programmers could wander through 10-20 JAM / TM packages and cherry pick out cuts they liked.

    But it does increase the burn of a package.

    Also with Apps and DAB and online and FM - I gess the move is to focus less on the "FM" for frequency sing as it becomes less important. How would you sing "Scroll down your DAB menu till you find us"? :) One thing i did like about Free Radio was although the demo cuts sang generic slogans they did also have seperate cuts made for each area ( If anyone has any of these would love to hear them / get a copy !!! I've only ever heard them on air!)

    Oddly enough after the Radio 2 discussion they are one of the few stations to invest in presenter cuts - As now its all about the brand and station and presenters are interchangeable rapid link / quick fire line readers.