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Radio Kent theme/Bruton
  • mastymasty January 13
    Hi all, found this on a cassette I was converting today. Ignoring the VO, what's the theme? Seem to remember a post on here a while back saying it can now be found on a Bruton library music CD. Any ideas?
  • mastymasty January 17
    The frustrating thing is that it’s definitely mentioned in a post on JM but the search won’t find it!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 18
    You could try a search in some way within the APM website, which Bruton is now under.

    Some other Music Library sites do MP3 "samples" of their thier licenced tracks, but not sure if Bruton ones apply.
  • cambrensiscambrensis January 18
    I recognise that music. It is a David Arnold composition, and is called 'Afternoon TV' on KPM CD music library. Presumably it was originally composed as part of a radio ID package, as many of these library tracks from David Arnold were, but don't know which station, I'm afraid.
  • Found it. It is called "Afternoon TV" composed by David Arnold and from CPM Music (not KPM)- "TV, Radio, Theme and Jingles" CAR289
  • jonnojonno January 18
    Think I have that CD upstairs.. Being a DA fan I'm pretty sure it is one of the Carlin CDs I sought a few years ago.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 18
    Lots of VERY good DA 1980s instrumental work on those "non-available-to-the-public" (*cough*) Carlin libraries!
  • mastymasty January 18
    Thanks everybody!
  • mastymasty January 19
    Looks like the composer is Simon Chamberlain rather than David Arnold. It's here if anybody wants a listen:
  • jonnojonno January 19
    This Carlin/CPM CD also has the amazing Radio Mercury theme (Track name "Community Spirit"), Radio West ("Theatre Land") and Southern Sound ("In the Spotlight"), Gwent Broadcasting ("Shopping Mall")

    Check out
    CAR346 for the Invicta Sound theme ("Christmas Store")
    and shorter bits
    CAS012 GWR ("Funky Bed"), Radio 210 ("Big Night"/"Manhattan Swing"/"Special Announcement"), Essex Radio ("Variety Show"), Hereward Radio ("Big Chat"/"Chat Time"/"Celebrity Spot")
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 19
    I'd post a few samples of these items, but as the Carlin etc Music Libraries are licenced in a very different way
    from when those items were still in "ID JingleLand", I'd be very wary of copyright infringement.