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So one more time, now synced to Christmas lights, enjoy the JAM song
  • tcruise3tcruise3 January 4
    Last post about my Christmas light display (since we're all tired of hearing about it).
    Before I took it down, I decided to do something, just for fun...
  • johnquincyjohnquincy January 4
    Very nice! Great job.
  • mbmb January 4
    have a great 2019 TC that was an expeience to watch and hear!
  • glenglen January 5
    Loved it!!
    Bet your neighbors loved it .lol
  • Nice job, Terry! :D
  • "Wizards of Winter" won't quite be the same after that!
  • tcruise3tcruise3 January 6
    Thank you all!

    "Wizards of Winter" won't quite be the same after that!

    Anyone can do Wizards in Winter to Christmas lights but it takes a jingle crazy mad man to pull off the JAM song!
  • Will you be having a go at doing the TM Song for Christmas 2019?
    { bleeping out the "Nor-****" of course in case anyone mis-understands where WNOR is/as !!! }