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Looking for...too
  • cky_hellionscky_hellions December 2018
    Reelworld jingles for KILT-FM, KNIX, KNIC, KTCO, WKHK, KAJA, KONY, WDAF, KASE, WSIX, KYGO, WCTO, WKFD, KMPS, Kiss 108 Boston (especially 2006)
    JAM jingles for WKBW, WGAR, WYNY (especially from the 1970s and The Fyre) and WAYV (including the JAM composite)
    PAMS jingles for WRFD and WGAR
    IQ Beats jingles for WNEW-FM, WSSX, WXRY, and WKTU
    Older jingles for WCOL-AM-FM and WNCI (Century 21, TM, JAM); WKXX (Kicks 106 Birmingham AL); WVOK, WAPI-AM-FM; WBRC/WERC-AM-FM, WSGN (1970s and '80s only); WNEW-FM; WPIX-FM; WRKO; WPRO-AM-FM; WALY (especially Gwinsound and TM); WCCC