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  • cky_hellionscky_hellions December 2018
    Looking for the older IQ Beats jingles, particularly for WNEW-FM, WSSX (95SX), WKTU, and WXRY; JAM Creative Production jingles for WAYV, WGAR, WPGC, WKBW, and Kicks 106 Birmingham, Alabama; WOHO (WLS '74, WLS '76); WRFD from the 1970s; Pepper-Tanner (The Sound of Good Feeling, Big Horizon, Where Your Song Is Coming From, Feelin' Good A, Up & Easy A, Country Wide II)
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey December 2018
    Can help you with JAM Creative Production jingles for WAYV. Drop me a PM. :)
  • cky_hellionscky_hellions December 2018
    Thanks m_hodgey
  • cky_hellionscky_hellions December 2018
    For WKBW, looking particularly for JAM jingles and PAMS jingles from the 1970s. Especially like JAM PRO Radio package for WKBW (made for WPRO).