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Totally 70s Radio Network - Paul DiMarco
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    I discovered video airchecks of this guy on YouTube this evening.

    Technics turntables, ITC triple stack, Denon DN951 CD players and JAM jingles -- what isn't to like?

  • radiocitybillradiocitybill December 2018
    I've known Paul for ages and he was on 98Q (WDAQ-FM, Danbury) and all over the dial at one point or another. Paul takes his studio and music pretty seriously.
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    I've found his Mixcloud page too.

    That certainly is a serious studio setup he's got there.
  • LenGroatLenGroat December 2018
    Serious studio set-up.....

    Serious jingles....

    Seriously tight deejaying !
  • PKPK December 2018
    Anyone know where your can listen to the Totally 70s Radio Network Online or a webstream address thanks?

    Also is there a You Tube link for the above clip so I can forward it on to a friend?
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    If you click on the word YouTube in the embedded player, it'll take you to YouTube's site.
    or click on the arrow (top right corner) to get the share links.
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    From the info in his November aircheck video:

    Please be sure to check us out "LIVE" most Fridays at 9 PM eastern on: or
  • jonnojonno January 19
    In the last week or two I see Paul has been uploading shows from throughout 2018 and up to present on Mixcloud.
    I'm listening to yesterday's show at the moment - have to admit I've always been an 80s music fan (being a teenager in that decade) but really enjoying the 70s music on Paul's show.

    One jingle thing that caught my ear, he is using the County Sound Premier Radio theme as a talkover bed. Was that an Alfasound track or JAM?
  • gameswizardgameswizard January 19
    jonno said:

    Was that an Alfasound track or JAM?

    It's JAM.

  • jonnojonno January 19
    Thanks Mike
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 19
    The brass section is indeed "too Dallas ex-High School" musicians to be Alfa, BUT I wonder if the "633 Squadron-like"
    melody was perhaps written by Alan Fawkes?
  • That theme is cut #19 the medium tempo 60 second promo bed from 'The Only One' a JAM package created for WNBC in 1986 - not very 70s....

    County Sound included it in their re-sing from August 1989.
  • Graham, wasn't that bed used on the "Nothing but Class" demo?

    I enjoyed the video, the energy and the photo of Farrah Fawcett but that opening cut "serving the internet" has been, er... borrowed from Dirty Feed.
  • Hi Duncan, the bed above from 'The Only One' does not appear on any versions of the 'Nothing But Class' demo that I've heard.