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Jeff Wayne
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    I was in Birmingham last night for the 40th Anniversary tour of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. It was an amazing show as you'd expect.

    Before the show started there were a number of 'did you know' facts about Jeff's music projected onto the 100ft wide screen on stage. Needless to say LBC jingles were not mentioned lol.

    Anyway while I'm on the subject, here, have some jingles!

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    Somewhere deep in my small but different Vinyl record collection, I have a couple of 7" singles of some of his TV music, circa 1980?

    One is an ITV football thing, and another a piece that BBC Scotland used as the intro/outro music for their tea-time news programme.

    I bought them on the strength of having the WOTW double album and a couple of the singles.

    Missed out on the limited edition 12" disco re-mix of the WOTW overture - should have bagged it at Woolies the one weekend
    that they had it!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    Thanks Jonno!

    I have the South American River download version, but its MP3 and sounds rubbish quality!
    Have the Antwerp bootleg video running as I type now.

    Had the pleasure of us seeing the live show at Glasgow several years ago when it was
    still Justin Hayward, hero of my teenage years when I discovered the music of the (proper)
    Moody Blues albums. Superb :^)

    As for live shows, would really like to see Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Tour
    should they ever pass this way!
  • mbmb December 2018
    ITV World Cup 82 "Matador"

    I actually have this on 7 inch :)

    You can hear the influences of TV-am and War of the Worlds

    I always prefered it to Aztec Gold which ITV used for the 86 world Cup and then for a lot of thier big games / football coverage.

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    Matador - That's indeed it!

    The Jeff Wayne LBC stuff - I've only ever heard bits of the package and in poor quality.

    Has a good full version ever made it out, or do we know if TC and Neil at MPF have anything possibly
    bubbling under from that?
  • mbmb December 2018
    The LBC Master reels / DATs were loving looked after for many years.
    They are safe and in good hands. (not Mine) And the whole collection is held together.
    I have a picture of them on my phone!