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Nicky Schiller "TAT"
  • bossjockbossjock December 2018
    Christmas is here - my bundle of Nicky Schiller TAT has arrived too. And some of it is actually quite useful! Thanks Nicky. A Merry Christmas to you and to all JM readers and contributors :)
  • mbmb December 2018
    Always exciting to recieve the annual package of fun stuff from Nicky - He is one of the nicest people I've ever met and if anyone remembers the days of trading with Tapes / CD's he has the MOST amazing handwriting - I can't thnk of anyone who can write tape / Mini disc inserts as small as be so perfectly legible!!
    There is an unspoken thrill when the envelope arrives - you know it's Christmas.
    Sometimes things you never knew you needed until you have them :). i'm still very fond and regular user of my Nicky Schiller pizza cutter and my Nicky Schiller BMW 5 series.
  • DevawebDevaweb December 2018
    The TAT has made its way to our Devaweb/Ignite office in Manchester... many thanks to Nicky for all the goodies!
  • tonymullinstonymullins December 2018
    Brilliant! I'm quite jealous!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    Tony, have you perhaps asked Nicky to put you on his TAT mailing list?
  • michimichi December 2018
    Been jingle collecting for 35 years... never received one. :(
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    As with Tony, have you asked Nicky ?

    {...might need to send him old fashioned International Reply Coupons to cover postage though! - if they still exist?!? }
  • michimichi December 2018
    The US discontinued selling IRCs eons ago.
  • iJinglesiJingles December 2018
    Dat bag of TAT just hit the matt here in Switzerland. The wireless memory stick is a true wonder of modern technology!! ;)
    Thanks Nicky :)
  • tonymullinstonymullins December 2018
    I've never asked - I thought one was "chosen" haha; might be cheeky and ask then!
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey December 2018
    My bag of TAT landed the other week.

    So glad the Christmas tradition lives on for another year...….Thanks Nicky. :)

  • RadioboyRadioboy December 2018
    Have to add my Susan B. Anthony's worth to this thread & give a Great Big THANK YOU Nicky for yet
    another Tat-Pack you so kindly sent along this year. I see photo's have already been shared along with
    other comments about the contents inside this years package.. but hey, this is JINGLE mad and what would
    a thread about our pal Nicky Shiller be with at least a jingle or two
    So, in the spirit of the season & for those who may have missed 'em in previous years, or simply don't know
    who or what Nicky is all about, let me add a little something to this holiday thread

    Click the link below & Enjoy! & Thanks again Nicky! :)

    OR This:

  • Jeffrey_T_MasonJeffrey_T_Mason December 2018
    Got mine this weekend! Thanks so much, Nicky :-)
  • NickySNickyS December 2018
    Glad the TAT has been arriving around the globe in one piece :-)
    If anyone else really wants some then drop me a message and I'll see what Santa can find and see if Rudolph has room for it on the sleigh.
    Merry Christmas
  • martinlestermartinlester December 2018
    Mine Arrived today looks like it has been around half of the UK !

    But thank you very much Nicky

    Have a Great Christmas and New Year