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Nation Radio 2018 - Ignite
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston November 2018
    Newly announced custom packages in the UK hardly get a word of discussion these days...
    ... possibly because the cuts tend to sound just a bit similar in structure, composition, vocals
    synth-y bits etc to everybody else's (apologies to the various producers, but you know its true,
    because its what the clients expect and that is indeed what is delivered).

    Since it applies to a Scottish station, at least here's the sampler from Chris Stevens' Ignite Jingles
    of what is being heard on Nation Radio's recently acquired Glasgow / "West of Scotland" "outlet"
    (which is really not a full station, but that discussion is on "another forum", with initials DS...)

    JMers of a certain age will be aware that Nation isn't really "West of Scotland" - the main frequency
    is 96.3 Paisley, once home of JAM client Q96 / Q-fm, who had Breakthrough and others in
    their JAM composites, and a couple of "relays" that were once a small network out along the
    River Clyde estuary coastline.

    Please do have a listen anyway :^)