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Europe 2
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax November 2018
    Hi, does someone knows who has done the original music track of these 80's and 90's jingles ? They had been heard also in Canada for several years and on WLVE Love 94 FM Miami, U.S.A.

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston November 2018
    Can't place these.
    They do seem to pre-date the ones I recognise by the Costa Brothers Freeway Music in Paris.

    There's a huge world of French radio jingles that seems inpenetrable as "in-the-clear" cuts.

    There MUST be French Jingle Collectors somewhere that can be located ?
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax November 2018
    Thanks for the reply, I have most of these cuts in the clear from a radio station that was using them in the 90's in Quebec and several from Europe 2 too that can be heard in the link I posted. I know the history of the french canadian versions, but I was interested in knowing from where they come from and who has produced them. These are the exact same musical tracks, apparently they have been used in the United States before Europe 2 in France, so I was wondering if somebody that knows well the jingles history in the usa could tell me where they come from.

    I only have one friend jingle collector in France, in fact it's him that makes me discover that our jingles was also used in France, I didn't have a clue at that time. And this friend have no clue either from where they come from, the station that is working at have had a bunch of packages since the 80'S made by Temple of Tune, Les Costas and 21 juin productions. At first it was resings from stations like KIIS FM, but the 10 past years had been more custom jingles I think. But maybe the guy that posted all the Europe 2 stuff on soundcloud knows something ? I did not find a way to contact a user on soundcloud.

    Here you can hear some that was used on our side:

  • m_hodgeym_hodgey November 2018
    I was of the understanding that those cuts were produced internally by Programme Europe 2.

    The jingles in the Soundcloud link above are taken from the following CD:

  • SkyTraxSkyTrax November 2018
    Thanks for the information, I didn't know the existence of this cd. At Rock-D├ętente, Quebec only the first 6-7 years they was the same as Europe 2, after they have been produced internally in Montreal and from 2003-04 until the end they were produced by local jingle companies like Studios Peak and Underground productions. Those that I got was from a friend that worked at one of the network station by making copies of the cd's the station had, it sounds strange but they was using cd's for playing jingles directly on the air at that time, just before all the stuff was put in a computer. I will try to post some here if I can find an easy way.

    What exactly was on the cd you posted the image above ? Is there a way to buy a copy ?

    Thanks again

  • m_hodgeym_hodgey November 2018
    SkyTrax, I've sent you a private message with the CD track details.
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax November 2018
    Hi again,

    I have one last question for the jingles experts here concerning jingles in the link below for Hot 89.9, Ottawa. Stations of the same group has used them too and I would like to hear more by listening to some demos, if they exists. I've searched on the web and found nothing, anyone knows where should I look ?

    And if someone of you are interested in french packages, just send me a message and I will send you a link.


  • kcmikekcmike November 2018
    The Hot 89.9 TOH is from ReelWorld KIIS LA 2007
  • SkyTraxSkyTrax November 2018
    Ah maybe, with another music bed, but the vocals are indeed very close. That's what I thought when I first heard these jingles, but since there is no ssttuutteerr on the voices like on 90% of the CHR jingles they have done since like the year 2000, I thought it was from another company. I was hoping it was not from Reelworld, but i'm glad if they are.

    Reelworld was so hot and fresh with this new "modern" jingle sound in the late 90's, but I do not find it that cool 20 years later . I just listened to their "new" KIIS 2018 package and it's again the same old new sound with way too much filters effets and autotune. I preferred their AC packages, but to each his own.

  • SkyTraxSkyTrax November 2018
    You're right kcmike, the toh is "top of hour 2" from KIIS LA 2007, did not found the others.

    And I just noticed something strange when I was scanning all the packages to find the cuts, it's at the end of the "theme 01" ramp of "KISS Seattle 2004", we can hear someone cought, something like "hum hum" when microphones were still on. It's not there on the others mixouts.