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Leicester Sound FM 1992 Christmas Tape
  • jonnojonno November 2
    I think I posted this once before - ages ago. I've been going through my last few remaining cassettes - dubbing interesting stuff before throwing them out and I unearthed this one again (can't find the original dub I made).

    Not strictly jingle related, but a bit of fun and there is a spoof jingle in there!

  • mbmb November 2
    I love the "yes indeedy its Leicester sound FM sweeper"!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston November 2
    "Christmas Tapes" used to be quite a "tradition" for stations pre-digital/corporate radio era.

    And of course usually "embarrassing" for the "victims" of those whose better-to-have-been-erased
    "out-takes" were carefully lifted up off the equivalent of the "cutting room floor".

    I might have a hunt though my old tapes for anything similar!

    (PS - I still have quite a few digitized copies of the B&st%rd Brothers items - which like "Christmas
    Tapes" were of course "NOT for Broadcast" !
  • jonnojonno November 2
    mb said:

    I love the "yes indeedy its Leicester sound FM sweeper"!

    I should know, but who is that V/O ?
  • The one near the begining is JR Nelson from Z-100, unfortunately he’s passed away. Voice of the Superstation and Capital
  • mbmb November 3
    One of the most amazing station voice over artists ever - His sweepers still sound HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE
  • Agreed, I miss hearing him.
    Having said that, the great John B Wells is very much with us (still sounding great!) and hosting his own talk show in the states but does VO work/imaging as "a hobby".