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In search of IQ Beats demos
  • danjamesukdanjamesuk October 2018
    Morning all.

    It's a LONG time since I visited but pleased to see the site is still alive and well.

    I'm actually appealing for your help.

    Last year I left Global Media & Entertainment after almost 15 years. Unfortunately, I also left a lot of audio behind that I'd really like to get hold of again.

    I spent many lunchtimes and after-hours working on a whole raft of imaging demos that were once hosted on IQ Beats' website. However, their website has changed, the demos gone and even owner Michael Berlin doesn't have a copy of them, having long-since left Seattle where the audio "still exists" but in a lock-up somewhere.

    Most of the demos were featured on a double-CD issued by IQ Beats, in a white and purple/pink cover. Some earlier demos were on a single CD in a blue and white cardboard sleeve. Other demos were only ever released on their website.

    I'd really like to include some of this audio on my website as examples of station imaging work (

    Some, but certainly not all, of the demos I produced are:

    BBC Radio 1 Chart Show
    FUN Radio 1, 2 and 3
    The Wireless Group
    BBC Radio Leeds
    BBC Radio Manchester
    LBC 2003
    LBC 2005
    LBC 2008
    Gold 1 and 2 (I have the 2nd one with the voice of Randall Lee Rose but am missing the 1st)
    RMF 1, and (I think) 3
    RTL Berlin
    New York's Mix 102.7
    RMF Poland
    Heart 1, 2, 3 and 4 (I produced the 2nd demo for the 1st package)
    NewsTalk 1010
    Dublin's NewsTalk 106

    There were many more than this, I'm sure. However, I don't have a CD player nor CD ROM drive so if you have these demos and are happy to share via a WeTransfer link, I would be extremely grateful. I was really proud of some of this work too so it'd be great to be able to hear it again.

    You can either message me here or via email at

    Thank you.

  • jonnojonno October 2018
    Dan, I've sent you a private message
  • mbmb October 2018
    Nice to see you back Dan. I still have your BBC Radio Leeds West Yorkshire Rewind jingles and its delightful to hear you when in London - Those who don't know he's VERY well known to millions of people! I've sent you a PM happy to help replace anything missing or lost I can.
  • cky_hellionscky_hellions December 2018
    If any mates have IQ Beats jingles for WNEW-FM (Blink, Mix 102-7), WSSX (95SX), WKTU, and WXRY, that'll be awesome!