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Award-winning Radio 1 Vintage
  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch October 2018
    It's worth mentioning that Radio 1 Vintage has just won the ARIAS award (the Audio & Radio Industry Awards) for best station sound, congratulations to JAM for their part!
  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch October 2018
    From the Radio Academy Twitter account: "Who doesn’t love a good whizzbang zapp sound effect or an infectious jingle that will not leave your head?"
    My thoughts exactly!
  • MarkSMarkS October 2018
    Well done Radio 1 Vintage. Depending on the amount of archive material the BBC holds, I wonder if it could have continued as a permanent service on DAB? A music equivalent to Radio 4 Extra.

  • Davey_wDavey_w October 2018
    Can't believe it was over a year ago when we had Radio 1 Vintage. What a fantastic project.