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My new PAMS Personal Cut
  • scotronscotron September 2018
    Hi everyone. Now that I am back from my holidays, I thought you would like to have a listen to my new PAMS personal Cut. It is coming later tonight..
  • ratnobratnob September 2018
    Tension mounts ...
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston September 2018
    Just heard an offline preview.... :^)
  • jonnojonno September 2018
    come on Ron, the Sassenachs are getting impatient :D
  • scotronscotron September 2018 Link to my new PAMS Personal Cut. This track was first recorded when I was 7. It is from Series 15, Living Radio, Cut Number 3.
  • mbmb September 2018
    Nice cut - wonderful vocals
  • petewilsonpetewilson September 2018
    That's one of the best PAMS re-sings I've heard Ron...So close to the original as well! :-)
  • jonnojonno September 2018
    ooh that is good :D
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston September 2018
    "This track was first recorded when I was 7"

    Likewise! :^)

    I suspect none of the singers on Ron's re-sing were born when it was first performed, or even
    possibly when the cut-and-shut edit got played a zillion times on 1960's offshore pirate radio!
  • martinlestermartinlester September 2018
    Very Nice Ron , best version I have heard
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey September 2018
    Now, that's beautifully sung. :) Great re-sing Ron!
  • tonymullinstonymullins September 2018
    Love it!
  • scotronscotron September 2018
    Thanks guys. Appreciate your comments. I emailed Jon to say thanks for a wonderful production. Very happy jingle fan here.
  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch September 2018
    Another great cut scotron- good work!
  • ratnobratnob September 2018
  • tcarmantcarman September 2018
    PAMS Series 15 "Melody Maker" cut. Excellent. Yup... Produced in 1960, the year I was born. Abby Holmes obviously sang leads on your version. Jean Oliver Watson, who sang most of those leads on the originals, passed away in January at age 86.
  • tcruise3tcruise3 September 2018
    Very nice! It really is amazing that re-sings decades later can sound so authenticate compared to the early versions. Great choice for a personal cut.
  • Davey_wDavey_w September 2018
    A great version of this classic cut Ron - excellent! So many memorable cuts from this series.
  • scotronscotron September 2018
    Thank you Tracy for your information. Abby and the singers did a terrific job. And now, the hunt is on for my next personal cut.
  • Davey_wDavey_w September 2018
    It's a never-ending hunt haha :-) I've already got my next one lined up, but have to wait for the funds to accumulate first!
  • iJinglesiJingles September 2018
    Great resing, Ron. It's as old as I am, but sounds younger ;)
  • scotronscotron September 2018
    Thank you for your kind comments. I think it is an amazing job by Jon and the team. Some information from Jon. The singer on the 'Remember' vocal was Abby Holmes, but the lead on the group section was Kay Sharpe. As Jon informed me, Kay has recently retired, but will happily sing for them if she is in town. Thank you Kay. I am honoured to have you sing for me.
  • Davey_wDavey_w September 2018
    Great news that Kay is still available to occasionally lend her amazing vocal talent to the group