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TM Productions Inc. "Producer" production library series tapes
  • jonnojonno September 2018
    Hi all,

    I have six 7" reel to reel tapes from the TM Productions Inc. "Producer" series of production music. Currently on Ebay as I'm trying to de-clutter and don't want to keep them.

    They're currently on Ebay ( but if a Jinglemadder would like them - they're yours for just the postage cost.

    Send me a PM on here if you're interested.

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston September 2018 long as you've got them digitised OK before you flog them Jonno!
  • jonnojonno September 2018
  • tcarmantcarman September 2018
    I've got racks full of those tapes I've got to transfer someday. Most of them are Dolby encoded, though.
  • jonnojonno September 2018
    kerching! they've just sold :)