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  • mjb1124mjb1124 September 2018
    Are my ears deceiving me or did WPLJ New York dust off some old jingles from the TM Big Time Radio series?
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston September 2018
    There was a bit of debate recently on the "direction" of 'PLJ following ratings drops...
  • mbmb September 2018
    That message board is like a 90s flashback too !!! Wow
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston September 2018
    I've regularly lurked the NYRMB for years.

    Alan Sniffen, who runs the website, does it very old-fashioned in presentation but its a damn sight more robust
    and resilient to today's internet threats than all the arty-farty whizz-bang sites that just-have-to-have all
    the latest doo-dahs that crumple easily in the face of sophisticated intrusions.

    Always well-worth a visit!

  • nleibonleibo September 2018
    'Dusting off jingles" is a heckuva way to restore ratings erosion--NOT...:). I've always thought they should change the calls back to WABC-FM & go FULL BLOWN oldies--CBS-FM does NOT "serve" the Oldies "audience" like they USED to--there's a Big "Hole" waiting for someone with "Brass" to go for it.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 September 2018
    WPLJ has honestly been taking the "throw everything to the wall and see what sticks" approach for years, including but not limited to jingles (or a lack thereof). This was going on even before Scott Shannon left - and it seems like Scott was the main reason the station had a following in the suburbs of NYC. I feel like something sort of major change is going to happen sooner than later, but as far as oldies go, I think you're more likely to see them return to WABC *AM* (which is also struggling).
  • nleibonleibo September 2018
    Perhaps, BUT the major "knock" on the Oldies format is music **QUALITY**--which is where WPLJ comes into play--don't know WHAT they can do with WABC-AM outside of wall-to-wall infomercials--maybe they should revert to their WW2 Call letters of WJZ & do some "OldTimeRadio"....
  • logodavelogodave September 2018
    I don't think using WJZ as call letters would be possible as they are the call letters of the CBS TV O&O in Baltimore, MD. Plus an AM and FM also both in Maryland owned by Entercomm running CBS Sportsradio.
  • nleibonleibo September 2018
    Just a "thought" as they have RUN the "WABC" call letters into the ground...although the "Old Time Radio" isn't a bad idea--considering the "Schlock" they're currently airing...
  • mjb1124mjb1124 September 2018
    Some stations run "old time radio" shows as filler on the weekends. Would be better than infomercials!

    Back on the original subject, I do have to say it's cool hearing these old cuts again on the station where they've originated, and surprisingly I find that they don't clash that much with the music. They've been remixed to just sing "95-5 PLJ", removing the "W".

    What I don't like is how the station plays a good amount of '90s music and even some '80s, yet identifies as "the hits from 2K and today". Is there research indicating that target audience likes songs from the last century, but don't actually want to admit it? I guess this might be similar to how some research has indicated that listeners like the "soft rock" positioning for AC stations, but don't actually want to hear soft rock.

    Of course this is all rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic anyway.
  • ratnobratnob September 2018
    mb said:

    That message board is like a 90s flashback too !!! Wow

    Glad you said that. I can't follow it at all.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston September 2018
    "Glad you said that. I can't follow it at all"

    Think of indented lines in a software program...

    line 1:- topic intro / first post
    2nd line:- indented, response to first line...
    and so on.

    No bells or whistles, and best of all, no video ads to wait 30 seconds for to end!
  • mjb1124 said:

    Are my ears deceiving me or did WPLJ New York dust off some old jingles from the TM Big Time Radio series?

    This was always my favorite WPLJ Big Time Radio resing :)