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Heinz Medley (1986)
  • petewilsonpetewilson September 2018
    Thanks Neal...

    Here's my first contribution...
    The UK produced some of the Best Commercial Jingles (especially back in the 50's, 60's and 70's)
    One of the greatest Commercial Jingle composers was Johnny Johnson and here's a medley of some of his most famous Heinz Commercial Jingles...……
  • PKPK September 2018
    Johnny Johnson? Are you jumping on the “Bandwagon” Pete lol???

    Or the Pony Express Ha Ha???
  • PKPK September 2018
    Heinz Beanz Commercial Jingles are known around the world...
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins September 2018
    Aged about 9 my brothers and I always used sing along.....

    Don't be mean with the beans Mum
    Beanz Meanz Fartz !