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Mark Hodgkinson Personal Cut Mix 2018
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey August 30
    Back in November 2003, I purchased my first personal jingle from JAM Creative Productions using their Personal Cuts service.

    Since then, the collection has steadily increased year by year, concluding with new cuts this year from JAM and AJ Music Productions to total just over thirty individual cuts.

    The Soundcloud audio at the top of the following page is my August 2018 updated montage of all my cuts in chronological order:

    I daren't even think how much money I have spent! :-O
  • mbmb August 31
    great montage and brilliant and creative cut selection
  • pvankleipvanklei August 31
    Nice collection of personal cuts.
  • ratnobratnob August 31
    A wonderful, eclectic collection. Loved hearing Benita singing track 11 - I was privileged to film her singing solos at JAM in 2014 (starts around 6:00):

    An extraordinary talent.
    Congrats on such a great range of beautifully made jingles
  • Benita's voice is beautiful.
    Anyway, money well spent in my opinion Mark, keep them coming.
    I worked in Doncaster (Trax FM) for a year and it needs more jingles!