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Wanted : MT-USA JAM Jingles
  • rodneyrodney August 2018
    Hi, just a quick query to see if anyone out there has the custom JAM jingles made for a music video show on RTE in the mid 1980s called MT-USA? It was a first in Irish television in that it showed the complete music videos linked by Vincent Hanley from New York and each ad break had little bumper idents complete with custom JAM jingles - the tagline being "Music Never Looked Better". The show ran for 3 hours every Sunday afternoon from 1985 to 1987 until Vincent became very ill and eventually passed away. Although no-one would admit it at the time, Vincent was actually the first Irish celebrity to die from Aids. There was a tribute show broadcast on Irish TV last year about his life (and quite a bit of detail on MT-USA) but I have never seen (or heard) those jingles since, so was wondering if anyone in Jinglemad land had them.