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Radio West in vision
  • mbmb August 2018
    This came up in my Twitter feed (thanks David!) - and thought I'd post it for interest for anyone who hasn't seen it.
    Lot's of lovely Radio West TM jingles and an accurate depection of what goes on in a breakfast show studio :) I think!

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018
    Never thought Roger Day looked like that! (...not really...)

    Was down that way when those jingles were in use...1983 possibly(?) and heard those & Roger on-air.
    The "horoscope" bit has been severally edit-down - as a time-filler for the needle-time Mr Day had
    to pad those out big-time.

    I've a good quality WAV copy of those TM cuts (Muff resings?) if anyone wants 'em ( includes mixouts ;^) )
  • IanFIanF August 2018

    (Muff resings?)

    Most definately. Famously known as the 'Radio Weh' package ;)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018
    "Famously known as the 'Radio Weh' package"

    It was indeed!
    "Enunciate, enunciate, enunciate!"

    Probably why the follow-up custom was "Ra-di-o West For You" to be clearer - and of course to "create"
    a package with 6 sylables to try to flog it "backwards" into the USA pehaps - wonder if anyone else ever
    took it? (...other than the insts being on C&rl*n #188...)

    Officially, Airpower and things.

    A quick sample...

    The second last item is a hint at certain New York logo - Messrs Walker & Day perhaps?
    and the final item an example of why "....Weh" as the "st" gets lost in the mix;
    JMW once explained to me why JAM vocals often have a touch of over-emphasis on the very
    last sylable on an end-tail - the Radio West MMI resings show what can happen when its
  • jonnojonno August 2018
    It was fun to see that again :)
  • ChrisBChrisB August 2018

    I am sure the TM package was airworks, not airpower.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018
    "airworks, not airpower"

    I'm happy to stand corrected! (Must check my demo dubs more carefully...)

    Just out of interest - there is possibly a version of those that were done for Downtown
    Radio in Ireland circa 1980-ish.

    Anyone ever found a dub perhaps?

    (Or even the ones for Force Sept (Force Seven) St Malo France posssibly 1987?)