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More Dallas sung jingles on the south coast - Skylab Radio now on DAB in Portsmouth
  • jonnojonno August 2018
    Following Rick's post about the Dallas sung jingles for Wave 105, I have just seen that Skylab Radio (a station familiar to many on here) has joined the Portsmouth DAB multiplex. So JAM jingles now on the air here too :)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018

    Skylab the internet station? The Professor Paul T's cool chill-out Skylab?
    Not the one in Melbourne Oz?

    Is this on one of the mini-muxes Jonno?
    As I'd have thought digital carriage fees would have been horrendous on e.g. a regional / county / city mux?

    If its all go, excellent!

    Edit:- I'm listening online now at

  • jonnojonno August 2018
    Yes Iain, the very same and yes it is on the Solent Wireless Portsmouth minimux.