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Stop Press "It's NOTHING" to do with Delilah. Dallas Vocals Back on The South Coast
  • radio_blokeradio_bloke August 2018
    Just a little Summer offering from Dallas, Not JAM & Not TM
  • mjb1124mjb1124 August 2018
    Who produced them, then? I think they sound good... except for the sonovox in the last cut.
  • radio_blokeradio_bloke August 2018
    Questionable Parentage :)
    Vocals were at TM with Mr Upchurch leading.
    As for the beds, I think it was a collaboration from our very own beds and beats man together with Bruce Upchurch.
    "except sonovox" There is only one sonovox and we know who he is!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018
    Sounds nice!
    Actually much smoother sounding vocals than some of Wave's previous packages if I may say so!

    The sono - was it likely vocoder rather than true "analogue" speakers-to-the-tonsils ?
  • ntcarver0ntcarver0 August 2018
    No, I think that's true sonovox, but put through some really horrid filtering. As for the jingles, they're actually quite nice. To be truthful, I wasn't expecting them to be so melodic, what with the way current classic hits jingles are going. Bravo Mr. Upchurch.