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Single jingle montages: getting back into it
  • tyty21tyty21 August 2018
    OK, so, i know, I know, haven’t posted a montage on here in a while, had things I was doing. However, I do plan to get back into the swing of things in the near future. I was planning to do a couple of styles of montages. A single jingle montage, and a package client montage.
    The single jingle montage, is where, of course, I take one cut, say, do it again cut 1, (one of my favorite TOH ID’s of all time,) and produce a montage of resings. A few cuts I had in mind: do it again cut 1, class action cut 11, skywave cut 12, home of the hits cut 12, and wanted to redo flamethrower cut 6 and turbo Z cut 10 again.
    The package/series montage will be a montage of resings from a package, or series of packages and put them into one big montage. Say, for instance, one of my first montages I wanted to do was the KIIS/WLS Jam/Thunder/Pams/Sundance material. Or, maybe the KOST jam series of packages. From oldest to newest.
    Now, this isn’t just a jam thing I wanted to do here, this could also expand to other companies like TM/Tony Griffin/Thompson/Conner. Of course, I had a whole lot of material back then when I first started, back when JM had its own section where you can upload audio direct to site, instead of posting to a different site each time, which I hope they come back with in the future, but all that got lost in either moving or drives. Gradually building up here. If possible, could some people help me out here? The first one I deff wanna start with is the single jingles montage. I guess I can start with DIA cut one for the start.