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Ignite - Kingdom FM 2018

    Just to say these new jingles have been on the air for a wee while now, and while
    having a nod to their previous packages from TM and reelworld, they use the
    instrumental logo stingers very constructively before, after etc feature items, whats-on, etc etc etc in a way that I haven't heard on UK radio for
    many years, yet using the stingers doesn't seem to clutter the station sound
    (a typical grumble that appeared in the past by many station managers, PDs, etc).

    Whether the use of logo stingers was intended by the station in the brief (where's
    Chris?), this package WORKS WELL on-air!

  • mjb1124mjb1124 August 2018
    I've generally enjoyed Ignite's jingles - they sound very current and "cutting edge", but they have a real musicality and vocal quality that's missing from a lot of these types of jingles. Admittedly I'm not too keen on the latest Ignite Kiss installment, but that might be more of a reflection of the current state of CHR. The KROC package on the other hand is very good, nice and melodic while still sounding current and energetic. These are along the same lines. Nice to hear about creative usage of jingles still happening, too.
  • Kingdom FM is a good local station and have a pretty good staff. I've been a listener on and off from here in the US since 2011.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 August 2018
    TM's website has a new Ignite package for "My 94.5" up. I thought maybe it was a US resing of the Kingdom FM package at first, as it's the same logo melody and a similar style, but it seems to be different cuts.