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Pepper-Tanner Anyone?
  • johnquincyjohnquincy July 2018
    Over 100 demos from Pepper, Pepper-Tanner, William B. Tanner and Media General have been added to

    Here's the direct link:

    Some of the packages are even sung in key by Dallas vocalists!
  • I've just sampled a few, and I have to say the quality is surprisingly good! Mono for most of course from that era.
    Good work JQ! And a good "historical reference" to listen to.

    Its been a VERY long time since I had a bundle of those burgundy/maroon-coloured demo boxes here,
    and I haven't heard many of those demos for many many years, and were in creaky quality at that.

    Also, P-T "famous" for demos having cuts "for" stations that never actually used P-T, especially certain WABC items
    e.g. "Reachin' Out, Touchin' You". (OK, I know Thunder were later...)

    "Some of the packages are even sung in key by Dallas vocalists!"

    Er....yes! P-T were "budget" lets say, or even "barter" in many instances.

  • keep up the great samplers ted.
    love it!
  • SeanMartinSeanMartin July 2018
    Thanks for making these demos available and much appreciate the work you do at JingleSamplers. It's going to be a great listen.
    Would love to hear more Thunder!!!
    And wasn't there a package called "Portraits", which ended up somehow at JAM ?
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2018
    Wow!!! Many thanks for these package demos. Fills in a great gap in my collection, and now I can also identify some of the odd jingles I've heard over the years.
    Thanks again.
    joe c
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2018
    Question: are any of theses offerings or were any P-T jingles resung by TM after MG was sold to them? Thanks.
  • pvankleipvanklei July 2018
    @Sean: Yes you are right. The country package 'Portraits' was from William B. Tanner. A couple of the image songs from the Portraits package were ordered by Sky Radio in the Netherlands at Top Format and sung in the JAM studios in Dallas in 1989. The image songs were an addition to the resing of the JAM Omnitrax package and also sung in de JAM studios in 1988.
  • glenglen July 2018
    Can anybody post the Portraits demo.Thanks
  • tm still does resings of the stuff. no idea what the cost is now, but quite low compared to others
  • johnquincyjohnquincy July 2018
    We just added three more Tanner Demos: Greatest Country (KMAK), Potpourri (Radio Avon) and Six-Pack (KBRO). Thanks to Ken Deutsch for making these available for us to post, and for using his fancy-schmancy noise reduction software to make these demos sound as good as possible.

    Here's the direct link:
  • ntcarver0ntcarver0 July 2018

    tm still does resings of the stuff. no idea what the cost is now, but quite low compared to others

    Are they, now? I might just get me some Simple and Free... talk about that for your first personal cut.
  • Do TM actually DO Personal Cuts anymore?
    Thought that ended with iJingles?
  • nleibonleibo July 2018
    I had a personal cut done about a year ago--saving my "sheckles" for more...:)
  • Neil...
    If TM are possibly still doing Personal Cuts in any form (e.g. Dragonfly??)
    have you a link please?
  • nleibonleibo July 2018
    let me check my email, Iain
  • nleibonleibo July 2018
    I talked to Greg Clancy--because it was a Richard H. Ullman Weather jingle,JAM couldn't re-sing for me

    Greg Clancy
    GM/VP Creative, TM Studios
  • mumossmumoss August 2018
    Thank you to all involved in over the past few years - I must have wasted hours upon hours over there. There's no other site quite like it.

    One thing: I noticed that all the Heller material has been removed from the site recently, and even any mention of those updates removed from the 'What's New' page. Anyone know the reason for this?
  • johnquincyjohnquincy August 2018
    Dick Hamilton's son asked to have his father's jingles taken off the site.
  • glenglen August 2018
    After all this time?
  • ntcarver0ntcarver0 August 2018

    Dick Hamilton's son asked to have his father's jingles taken off the site.

    Why in hell, if I must say so. I should think he'd want his father's work memorialised. Oh well. Bleh!
  • mumossmumoss August 2018
    Thanks for the reply, John.

    What a shame, though of course you had to comply. I can't understand the mindset which would lead him to request it. Oh well.
  • jinglejoejinglejoe August 2018
    Thankfully, or rather hopefully, many of those found their ways into our collections.
  • ntcarver0ntcarver0 August 2018
    I really hope you just took down the pages and direct links to the MP3 files, rather than also deleting the MP3 files from the /audio directory. That way, a stupid person like me may be able to get them using something like wget... Seriously, I am a numb nut for not having the sense to download them when they were publicly !available!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018
    Which particular Heller items were you particularly looking for?