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Hodgey's New JAM Personal Cut - June 2018
  • Hi everyone,

    Not wanting to steal Len’s thunder, but I just wanted to share a quick mix of the main cuts from my latest personal cut from JAM as I know this is the place it will be appreciated the most:

    It's a re-sing of cut #5 from “Full Access” which is demoed as a country package, but in actual fact was originally a custom AC package for KS-95 (KSTP-FM).

    In all honestly, I’m extremely thrilled with how this cut has turned out, especially with how well the lyrics have worked and the overall vocal sound; this cut now has to rank as one of my favourite JAM personal cuts.

    Hope you like it as much as me!
  • Very Nice Mark

    Especially the shotgun mix out
  • I like the fact that it's not an obvious choice (like the ones I order!)- well done all round.
  • Great cut. Very nice :-)
  • Good choice Mark and well executed JAM. I don't know the original package very well so hearing this, it just works.
  • mbmb June 16
    Great cut, well chose, well lyriced and of course sung to perfection - what more is there to say!
  • ratnobratnob June 17
    Same here - not a cut (or package) I'm very familiar with. It sounds great. Bravo.
  • Excellent - you have pointed out a real gem in a JAM package I'm not familiar with ! (

    There are SO many !)

    Love it
  • Davey_wDavey_w June 18
    I'm not familiar with the package either, but I'll be giving my ears full access to it now! Great cut Hodgey :-)
  • The trouble is, with a lot of the obvious Z-100 and KIIS-FM ones, I just can’t get any desirable lyrics to fit. I was pleased that not only is this a very catchy jingle, but my now established lyrics fitted perfectly thanks to Jon and the team at JAM.
  • RjMRjM June 21
    That’s a personal cut worth logging in to comment on! Sounds great, Mark. Didn’t know that package was originally for KS95 either would love to hear some examples., have loved the packed since I head some re-sings for WEBE 108.
  • Nice one Mark!! :)