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Here....have some jingles.....
  • scotronscotron June 2018
    A line once said on a famous Jam Jingle demo. ...'Here, have some jingles'... Thought it was time for a wee personal cut jingle montage. I know how you folks.... 'just eat all this stuff up'. That was another quote from another jingle demo. No prizes for guessing which ones. Credits to Jam Creative Productions, PAMS , Mike Russell at Music Radio Creative and AJ Productions. Enjoy.
  • Nice to hear what used to be cheerily called a "Jingle Ego Trip" montage!

    Don't hear enough of those days...;^)
  • scotronscotron June 2018
    Well, I thought this site was all about jingles and sharing. Come on, let's do some more sharing.