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Jingles with Brass Sounds early 90s
  • bodo1980bodo1980 June 2018

    Perhaps can someone help me with some facts about the instruments and sounds of some jingles from JAM, TM Century and Thompson Creative?

    The problem is the following:
    I'm creating music and I do this with some vintage synthesizers and Samples. Now I'm looking for a special sound. In the years between 1991 and 1994 there were produced some jingles with a special synth brass staccato sound.

    I did a mix to hear what I mean.

    On Youtube there are many demos of vintage synths and work stations, but I can't find this special brass sound.

    Many thanks for some help

  • pvankleipvanklei June 2018
    I think you have to contact Johnny Hooper at RadioScape.
    These cuts sounds typically Johnny Hooper.


  • I think the expression for that stacatto "brass synth sound" was a brass "hit".

    Certainly they usually had a chord structure, but often were just one single "hit" hence the name,
    rather than a melody of several brass notes/chords in a sequence.

    The JAM version of these always seemed more "melodic";
    others...well...quite dull and sort of "there because it was the thing at the time".
  • bodo1980bodo1980 June 2018
    Thanks for your comments. I think the bras hit is not a real instrument. Could it be a sample from a Roland or Korg Workstation? And does someone know more music with this typically brass sound? I can't find some oter tracks.

  • I simply typed "brass hits" into [a well-known search engine] and got loads of info and samples galore...

    Indeed all synth-stuff not actual "real instruments" - but what has been " really-real 'brass' " ever since
    "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel in 1969 (?) ?
  • PKPK June 2018
    The Boxer was a very deep Harmonica!
  • bodo1980bodo1980 June 2018
    Yeah, I found the brass hits.

    I have these VST Plugins and there it's included. I did a short composition.
  • "The Boxer was a very deep Harmonica!"

    Wot? the middle instrumental bars?

    Not according to a BBC radio programme I heard away back then, which was all about synths (or indeed proper Moog Synthesisers
    in those days, patch panels, jack leads, oscillators, ADSR envelopes and all) being used more in commercially-produced music.

    The programme included the middle break from The Boxer, excerpts from Switched On Bach by Walter Carlos, and so on.
  • No way is that harmonica on The Boxer - certainly not the version released on earth.

    No vibrato, no chorus.
  • PKPK June 2018
    My information was from an old late 80s Rhino Records magazine article on the appalling situation of the Simon and Garfunkel allegedled master tapes used on CDs from before Rhino became part of Warner Music.
  • PKPK June 2018
    The Bass Harmonica in the second and final verses was played by Charlie McCoy.