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Sound of the '80s Jingles from which package?
  • pvankleipvanklei June 2018
    Hi folks,

    I am looking for the name of the original package of The Sound of the '80s jingles.

    These jingles where used on april 1st 1984 on TROS Radio on Hilversum 3 on a april fools day joke.

    It sounded like a new satellite radiostation Space Radio took over the frequency of TROS Radio on Hilversum 3.

    If have been told that these jingles came from Radio Luxembourg, but don't know which package.


  • dreke61dreke61 June 2018
    Hello Peter,
    The company is called Tuesday Productions. For the RTL jingles two packages were used. One is called Rhytm of the City. Originally produced for 93 KHJ Los Angeles. Other jingles came from a package produced for 106 KWST Los Angeles, but don't know the name. The original Tuesday Productions was located in San Diego. The company also produced the Network Music Library.
    All the best,
  • PKPK June 2018
    Sadly as Tracy Carmen will verify Tuesdays Productions binned all their master backing track tapes maybe 10 years ago so sadly getting any Re-Sings of their Jingles is almost impossible.
  • pvankleipvanklei June 2018
    Thanks for the conformation about the Radio Luxembourg package.

    Is there anybody else who has a copy of the package?


  • michimichi June 2018
    dreke61 said:

    Hello Peter,
    Other jingles came from a package produced for 106 KWST Los Angeles, but don't know the name.

    IIRC, the Tuesday package that was done for KWST (K-West) and also aired on Luxy was called "XT 40".

    Yes, Tuesday did bin all of their jingle stuff to concentrate on their Network production music library, home of the needle-drop fees. I still have a few Network discs somewhere in the collection.